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Jottings (narrated)

0-1 Minute

Boa Ej. Junge

Chicken feather down

Familienfeier / Family celebration


Huehnerfederflaum [read in german]

Leading to zero / Zu nichts fuehrend


The collar

The mother

The other Cassandra

2 Minutes

Aussentemperatur / Inner templates

Nadelstreifenland / Pinstripe country

Running while reading

Sonntag / Sunday

Moeglichkeit / Opportunity

3 Minutes

Collector’s soul / Sammlerseele

4 Minutes

Funkenmarie / Fewer nationalistic tunes

5 Minutes

Chamber of the heart

King Kong: Lost days

Mein Hund / My dog

6 Minutes

M wie Mathurine [read in german]

Predetermined breaking point, the making of an artwork

7 Minutes


15 Minutes

Don’t come in, a studio visit